About Us

About Us

Located in Northern California, Rugby City is the first ever rugby retail and e-commerce business established with a good reputation. We have been in the industry for a year now and we continue to improve the way we serve to our customers for us to give them the highest possible level of convenience and satisfaction.

Unlike other retail stores only, we primarily focus on offering products and quality items that are guaranteed to satisfy every rugby lover. We have the best collection of products that are designed and made with top notch quality materials in order for you to get the best value of what you have spent. Every product is of high quality and designed with the best materials available in the world.

Owned by people who considered rugby as their life, we know how much others love the sports of rugby. Like you, we always wanted to get items that would allow us to show the support to particular rugby teams. But, since not all stores offer items for every rugby fan, we have decided to establish a portal that will serve as a center for different kinds of rugby items. From rugby shorts to rugby shoes, you can guarantee that you will find the best item that would match on your needs.

Rugby is known as the fastest growing sport in the United States. We aim not just to give you convenience when shopping for rugby items and accessories, but also to provide a great collection of quality products that are manufactured by major rugby brands. We also do vending and attend at majority youth rugby events in San Francisco bay area.

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