Adidas TRX SG Long Rugby Boot Studs

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Adidas TRX SG Long Rugby Boot Studs

These short Adidas studs, silver in color and made from aluminium and are optimized for soft ground boots

Pack of 12 studs for both pair of boots:

  •  4 x 15 mm studs 
  •  8 x 11 mm studs 


  • Adidas Kakari Light
  • Adidias Malice SG/ Malice Elite SG/ Malice Control SG
  • Adidas Crazyquick SG
  • Adidas Predator SG

Note: These run longer than the stock ones on Malice and Predator models. Perfect for forwards or when playing on extra soft ground, hence it comes standard on Kakari Light.

"Not compatible with other Kakari models"